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    Thanks for stopping by! I started my business in 2007 shortly after the birth of my daughter, it felt like time was slipping away like a thief in the night. There were so many moments I wanted to hold on to. For me, photography isn't about a staged moment with manufactured, on cue smiles. It's about freezing time to capture a feeling in a fleeting moment. I've found that behind my camera I could see life unfolding and it seemed magical. And I Ioved it. My camera is a conduit of my quest for beauty and connections that I want to preserve. Years from now I want to remember how I felt, provoking emotions and memories that have long past... and I think you will too. I pour my heart and soul into each session. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and I would be honored to tell yours. This is my art and passion, I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm inspired by films, music, and fashion. Amy Poehler is my alter ego. Life is weird, unpredictable, adventurous, sentimental, and so much fun! It's quite a ride... let's go somewhere.

    I encourage all potential clients to shop around. Compare photographer portfolios. There are a ton of photographers out there- one for every budget. See what you like... and what you don't. Photography isn't a brand, it's about finding someone that connects with you... a shared vision and style. Anyone can take a picture, especially with technology today. Not everyone can tell a story.

    Here I share personal projects, client work, amongst other things that inspire me. I try to blog at least once a week. So come back soon!

    Technical details: I am a film and digital photographer incorporating video in all of my sessions. I want you to truly have the finest experience and the greatest memories. Film creates a look that cannot be digitally replicated, digital is perfect for immediate gratification, and video tells a story of its own. I attend several workshops throughout the year all across the country with the industry's top photographers from around the world because I truly believe there is always more to learn, especially in this ever-changing industry... this keeps me inspired and humbled, while giving you the very best.

Special delivery:: eye candy

I know, I know…I missed cup of *JOy* yesterday.  Forgive me.  Instead, I thought I would post, today, what life’s been like lately and fill today’s post with loads of eye candy (supplemental *JOy*of the BEST kind).  First, this weather is awful… really, really dreadful.  I am so ready for winter to be over…clouds galore, deadness (craving flowers and tree buds), wind that gnaws, cabin fever, the list could go on, but I don’t want to whine too much.  Good stuff?  Moving on to that…

Chase has been getting As on most of his tests…(Woot!  He is so bright– this boy is going places.  Just wait!); Mady is a social butterfly, and a “natural born leader” (and it’s NOT code for bossy…I checked!); Ella has been…well…Ella.  Life is always a little lot brighter when Ella is around.  Todd just bought his office building (scary and exciting!).  It has been a whirlwind of busyness around here.  TKD, gymnastics, dance, therapy (aquatics and developmental), dinner with friends, dinner parties, movie dates, family gatherings, lunch dates, playdates, birthday parties, sleepovers….whew!  Life is good. Really good…

I have been dying to take my lens outside to see what it’s capable of.  Yesterday, Ella and I stole away for a few minutes and had a mini-session at one of my favorite urban locations.  All I needed was a few minutes…just to see what I could get.  WOW…I am in love.  This is by far my favorite lens.  I am so glad that I did not go with the 45mm TS–I was looking for more of an everyday lens.  I had to sell a limb to get it…but it was sooooooo worth it.




babyitscoldThis one makes me laugh….:)

And…one of Mady– playing coy with the camera…


The countdown to Spring Break is officially on…please be warm in Florida.  Pretty please….


P.S.  There are just 2 time slots left for the Chicago MINI session at North Avenue Beach…going, going.….soon to be gone….:)

AND — I am finally getting the iPhone (it’s on it’s way–YAY!)  To celebrate I am going to be posting a free template for the iPhone gelaskin.

Wise…in all sizes

Aquatics therapy is getting better…thanks to a dear, sweet friend.  xx

Ella got wise …realizing the pool is not just for playtime.  She’s one smart cookie.  And stubborn.


[New lens…I am soooooo in love.]

So much to do around here…while battling this ongoing cold/sinus/icky bug I have.  Ahh…life with 3 McGerm factories.

Happy Weekend, anyhow!


Random nothingness…


Check out my new template design…

She is one of my favorites.  A sample from my *project*.

Of note: I do offer custom logo designs and branding.  Takers?– contact me.

No better cure to the *winter blues* [Seriously–will “this” ever end?] than playing with a new lens.   Super crisp…dreamy color…worth every penny I spent….and a bit of design.