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Q & A

Here are some typical questions I get regularly that might help you decide if I’m a good fit for you.


How long have you been in business?  Since 2007. However, I was a hobbyist, picking up my first camera at 16.


Do you shoot in a studio?  I have a studio, but I don’t shoot in it.  I use it for proofing sessions and other meetings.


Do you take shot lists for weddings?  I prefer not to since I want to document your day as organically as possible.  It’s my opinion that anyone can take a group shot of extended families and such. However, if you want me to, I will.


Do you shoot engagements? I do! All engagement sessions are included in my wedding photography pricing. I like to offer these together, it’s a great way to connect with my clients before their wedding day.  Plus it’s gives them a sample of what they can expect!


How did you become a photographer?  See the “About Jolene” page. I share my journey there.


What is your approach?  I love walking into a room or location and knowing that what I see is completely unique.  I love to capture the raw moments, and being as hands off as possible.  Letting you be yourself, completely.  Quirky, funny, shy, inquisitive, sarcastic, moms crying, brothers hugging, the quietness of a moment, or sheer joy and laughter.  My goal is for you to feel comfortable enough to be yourselves, and not some Pinterest rendition.  That’s supposed to be funny.


How long are your sessions? They average about 90 minutes, however, I don’t wrap it up until we are both satisfied.


How would you describe your target client?  My clients love art. Like really love art. They aren’t looking for perfectly posed. They hire me to document a moment. They aren’t looking for a bargain. My clients share my vision for photography. It’s about capturing feelings and connection. I’m shooting for award-winning every time. No two sessions are the same, because we all are unique. If you believe that, please hire me.


How many weddings do you shoot?  Early on I was booking several weddings… 10-15 per year for 3 years.  I cut them to focus on my family’s needs.  My kids are a little older now, so I am back to booking weddings.  Destination weddings, local, etc.


Do you travel?  Yes, please. With a cherry on top.


How many photos can we expect?  For weddings — 300+ edited images approximately, and 5-7 minute short film – Super 8 and digital footage.  For all other sessions– 40ish edited.


What is a “First Look”? This is an opportunity for a couple to see each other after getting ready, and before the guests arrive.  It’s a quiet, private moment to see each other for the first time.  These are very emotional and are a great opportunity to get the formals out of the way so you can enjoy happy hour with your guests.


Do you shoot elopements?  I do!  Please contact me for further information.


How do we hire you?  Email me.  I’m all about human connection, so tell me your story.  I want to know how you met, what you love to do, etc. Hopefully we will connect over art, as in you like really good photos and want really good photos. 🙂

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