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About Jolene

H E L L O … I’m Jolene and I love to create.  I have been since I was 7, only back then I was writing short stories.  I had an hour bus ride to and from school every single day.  You could say I wrote enough to fill stacks of journals. Only… I was never brave enough to share my stories.  I’m vulnerable like that.  You can say I haven’t changed much when it comes to my art.

I got my first film camera my junior year of high school.  I was hooked.  I have always gravitated to photojournalism.  The awkward posed look has never appealed to me, could be partially due to the fact that I am not photogenic.  Like AT ALL. Every single photo where I am posed, saying cheese, waiting on that dreadful flash I look like I just got my hand caught in the cookie jar.  Total mug shot!!  I can’t “fake smile”… it makes my face hurt and I feel way too insecure to be in front of the camera in the first place. I noticed early on that people are beautiful in their element, doing what they love. Capturing a moment that is naturally occurring. There is a uniqueness that makes my heart race when I see authenticity and genuine connection.  You guys, love is amazing.

Capturing the way a guy looks at his girl… there is love and wonderment in his eyes that makes her melt, yeah I like to capture that.

Seeing your baby for the first time after 9 months of anticipation.

Or a new mother cuddling her baby, you can’t manufacture that.

A father seeing his daughter in her wedding dress, fighting back tears… he’s letting go of his baby girl, yet, she isn’t his baby anymore. She is a stunning bride.  It’s a new chapter for both of them, and it’s emotional…

I want to freeze these moments for you so you can look back 20 years from now and instantly feel something, go back to a moment.  These photos are all we will have visually… eventually the mind will fail us.  Our memories become foggy, time is no friend. Photos will live on.  Photography is storytelling that words cannot describe.  And like I said, I have been telling stories since I was 7.

Before my professional photography career,  I was sewing clothes. Well, I was sewing just about anything I wanted (needed?)  We couldn’t afford custom drapery, so I learned to make my own; I wanted my girls to wear the cute Matilda Jane dresses, pants, skirts, hats, headbands, etc., but couldn’t bring myself to spend that kind of money on clothes they will only wear for a season (I have 2 girls) sooooo, I learned to make my own.  I loved it.  I still do. It’s the vision and fruition coming together that invigorates me.  I was stopped in stores and on the street, people loved the clothes I made so, naturally, I agreed to custom orders.  I was up till the wee hours of the morning sewing my life away.  With 3 babies at home that were up at 6 am meant something had to give.  I gave up sewing.  Yet, I still had this desire and passion to create, so I picked up my camera again.  It was like coming home.

I live in the Midwest with my husband and 3 kids.  I’m still insecure in front of the camera, but think I look beautiful when I am loving on my family.  I am drawn to the sentimental. I love deep conversation and I am incredibly weird and awkward when trying to make small talk.  So, I don’t just want to talk about the weather, I want to know your story.  Because it’s like no other.

My camera has taken me all over the world, soon, to Africa and hopefully Iceland.  No destination is too far.

I would be incredibly honored to tell your story.  Truly.


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