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Women’s March // Part I

We march because we love, not because we hate.

Compassion for all is what actually makes America great.

Divisiveness and fear tear us all down,

Cleft in half, broken, ashes strewn on the ground.

Facts are not optional,

human rights aren’t either…

To forgo, is to dance with The Deceiver.

Hear our pleas;

See our pain,

we are ALL human just the same.

Discern past party lines,

espouse mercy for the marginalized.

Women are not objects to be sexualized.

We are your mothers, sisters, daughters, and lovers.

We are the strong, intellectual, COURAGEOUS other.

We are an array of many colors, shapes, and sizes.

Our worth is not ordained by what men surmise.

I had a dream we would all come together… majority and minorities,

those of us who share in human priorities.

Truth, dignity, and kindness matter

In the absence of these, the world is a disaster.

I see it’s crumbling, the ground is shaking.

Democracy doesn’t work when the White House is faking.

Alternate facts are egregious lies, and sensational fake news too,

It may have induced some, but the majority saw through.

We are not going away anytime soon.

We will fight for truth. A pledge. A mission.

The world is watching, especially our children.

Wee hearts crushed, to see a bully win,

Name calling, deceit…. even P-U-T-I-N.

There’s no mandate, Trump’s not the “second coming” to even suggest so, means to stand for nothing.

We are a tribe of women scorned,

Stronger together… a resistance is born.

Raising up a new generation of strong girls, unity and truth their anthem.

Critical thinkers and love warriors,

not duped by “us” or “them” disposition.

Rise up, every sister and brother…

there’s no such thing as “the other.”