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Atlanta Street Photography

 *not a political suggestion one way or the other- captured history in the making. I am incredibly inspired by the works of Vivian Mair and Diane Arbus- their work speaks to me. I enjoy studying an image and dissecting what’s living in the frame. What prompted the click of the shutter? What did the artist feel in the moment? As the viewer, I want to feel something from an image. That’s been my philosophy as I have evolved in the art. I no longer care to take the shots that are manufactured and lifeless. Anyone can take a snapshot of a doctored moment. Perfect isn’t real- so trying capturing a rendition of it doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll leave that to the artists who do feel something in that.  I want to be pushed creatively, otherwise, I will fall in the rut of monotony.

The above project was a small project I worked on. Street photography is much harder than I thought. I didn’t want to exploit, especially given the sensitivities of today’s culture. However, at the same time, I did’t want to interrupt the seamlessness of moment.  Some of the subjects above, I asked permission. I’m not sure Vivian ever did, studying her subjects suggests she did not.

You can see Vivian’s work here. Diane’s here.

And more of my street photography here and here.