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This week I really experimented with all kinds of light sources as you can see. Lately, I am really drawn to the moodiness of an underexposed photograph, so limited lighting made perfect sense. I used computer monitors, flashlights, string lights, etc to light my subject. Very different for me, I had fun. However…I will say I am anxious for March to get here so I can play on the beach— natural light (aka sunshine!) in all of her glory.

Want to see an amazing, inspiring, tear-jerking video that will leave your heart full of creativity and hope? Check it here. It’s sooooo worth your time. Jeremy is going to change the world. And if you are interested in learning about photography, for FREE, even better!

I was featured here among a few creative favorites from around the world. The subject we were asked to contribute was on “in the dark.” A topic that is so much easier to gloss over, or bury. The problem with that is that is never really goes away, and “it” sits like a time bomb, waiting to go off. I wrote my piece awhile back, while working through some pain and disappointment. I love how there is always beauty in the rubble. The hard part is the sifting. The submissions are all so heart-felt. It’s a lengthy post, but so well worth your time. The authenticity was so refreshing and inspiring!  Go check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

A little note about this week– my heart does a big ole happy dance seeing Chase this week in photos. So often I find myself waiting for a moment when he’s not on his computer listening to music or watching YouTube, but this week I chose to embrace it. I’m so glad I did.

Off topic – I am crazy obsessed with podcasts. One that truly made me stop dead in my tracks was this one. Oh. My Gosh. It was like God himself spoke life into my heart.


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