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a dapper napper | Bloomington, IL Baby Photographer

I have had the privilege to photograph this handsome little fellow since before he was born.  See here and here.  Thrilled beyond words to catch up with Mr. Miles for his 6 month session.  Repeat clients have a very special in my heart.  It means I did my job well!!! It is so fun for me to see how much the little ones change — it’s a blessing to document your milestones.  Boy, they sure do change. Miles has grown so much.  Seriously, he is one of the cutest babies I have ever laid eyes on.  His temperament…. dreamy.  He is such a good little boy.  Mom and Dad knocked one out of the ballpark with this little man.  I think he’s truly perfect.  Thanks for the most lovely Saturday morning.  Enjoy…








This one is so precious to me.  It’s sooooooo love.



I think this one is my favorite.  I love mom’s hands, her ring, Miles’s expression, and dad “giving”….


He is such a delight.

Much love…


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Also, there is still time to order Valentine’s Day cards. Perfect for mailing and for school. I’ll post mine I made for my girls (Chase wants MarioKart, sniffle) shortly…