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Monthly Archives: January 2016


This week in pictures.View full post »

What is Lifestyle Photography

It recently dawned on me that regular folks, You?, outside of the photography community most likely do not know whatView full post »

Recital ready

Dance recital time. The butterflies were fluttering. She found herself in the music… Confidence gave her courage.View full post »


 Mady has turned her chalkboard into an inspiration board (all on her own!) — her gilded heart is made of suchView full post »

Happy Decade.

Cheers to the next 10.View full post »

Week 3 // 52

 2016- looking pretty fine so far! And if you are looking for a good read- any of the above will do.View full post »

What 9 looks like… at 10.

Mady turns 10 tomorrow… double digits. I remember when I turned 10. Life’s funny like that. Turning 10 feelsView full post »

Where The Wild Things Are

This location was so reminiscent of Where The Wild Things Are- so I borrowed the title. Hope that’s legal. IView full post »

Family / Miles

He’s one of my favorites.View full post »

2016 // Sally Mann and other musings.

Making art is about digging deep into the expanse of your soul, braving vulnerabilities and fears. The shared humanView full post »