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Monthly Archives: November 2010

For Chase…a sneak | Bloomington IL Child Photographer

Dearest  Chase, First off, I love your name!  I know of another cutie that shares your name.  *wink* I had so muchView full post »

What matters? | Bloomington IL Family Photographer

He says to me, “It doesn’t really matter”.   Reciting a “Rule” that he is fond of. IView full post »

Black FRiDAy, or 309-262-6528, or use the blog “book a session..”tab offer expires atView full post »


A couple favorites from a session I had that did not make it to the blog… Love the look on Hailey’s face inView full post »


Holidays are in the air…. I still cannot bring myself to listen to Christmas music just yet.  It will be gnawingView full post »

merrily, merrily, merrily

Today, I needed a little reminder of how special life can be. *** Ode to the latest Anthro catalogue…. I. want. itView full post »

Disc cover showcase

I love this design I came up with…. it suit this couple. Perfectly.View full post »

Help wanted! | Bloomington IL Photographer

With the studio coming, orders coming in, request for card designs, sessions to be edited on backlog, emails needingView full post »

Introducing… STYLED SESSIONS | Bloomington IL Photographer

So, this morning I woke up tired and a wee bit on the cranky side.  It must be the cruelty of  the Midwestern weatherView full post »

Custom photography | Bloomington IL Photographer

I’ve added a new page to the blog.  I urge you to check it out if you have questions about custom photography.View full post »

styled sessions | Bloomington IL Photographer

I am super excited to offer these sessions. I cannot wait to share all of the details. If you simply cannot wait to findView full post »

Being true.

As I was perusing my blog feeds this morning I came across the most brilliant post from the one and only,  J*. AView full post »


So…. you like the die-cut card below?! It’s yours. Compatible with  Miller’s Luxe card print guides.View full post »