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Women’s March // Part I

We march because we love, not because we hate. Compassion for all is what actually makes America great. Divisiveness andView full post »

McLean County Eye Center

Meet the lovely families of the doctors at McLean County Eye Center.View full post »

Mike’s Collision Center

Here’s the dedicated team at work: Be sure to check out Mike’s Collision Center. Here’s what they haveView full post »

Jesus House // Mother-Daughter Event

Last weekend the Jesus House hosted a Mother-Daughter event. It was rainy and dreary outside, but indoors, the mood wasView full post »

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on my mind. My oldest just turned 13 last week. Let me say that again, THIRTEEN! I have been aView full post »

Eastview Christian Church // Senior High Ministry

Eastview has an incredible high school ministry program. I was in absolute awe of their student lead service yesterday&#View full post »


This week I really experimented with all kinds of light sources as you can see. Lately, I am really drawn to theView full post »