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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is on my mind. My oldest just turned 13 last week. Let me say that again, THIRTEEN! I have been aView full post »

What is Lifestyle Photography

It recently dawned on me that regular folks, You?, outside of the photography community most likely do not know whatView full post »

Look who’s a big brother!

G-man!  He’s looking so grown up these days.  Just as cute as ever!! Meet Bennett… Yeah, he is just asView full post »

WINNERS!!!!!!! 2010 Picture of the Year Contest

Without further ado…. Congrats to Jake & Jenna!!!!! But wait… Dead-even tie.  I’ll grant bothView full post »

SBP’s 2010 PIC OF THE YEAR!!!!!

Drumroll puuuullease.  It’s time for SBP’s annual Picture of the Year contest!  I had such a hard timeView full post »

wee love | Bloomington IL Newborn Photographer

“In my life, as an artist, I will never create anything as beautiful as you already are…” – Jesh de Rox AView full post »

An October afternoon catnap…

This little guy goes down as my easiest newborn session…so many wonderful shots captured in less than 1 hour.  View full post »

why wait? | Bloomington IL Photographer

PSA for all women out there! I have intended to link this for a long time now… time slips away from me, often. IView full post »

STUDIOBLOOM PHOTOGRAPHY’S SESSION SANTA 2010 | Bloomington IL Family Photographer, Bloomington IL Child Photographer

SESSION SANTA is very near and dear to my heart.  I started it a couple years ago after hearing heartbreaking storiesView full post »

sweet beyond belief… | Bloomington IL Newborn Photographer

“Hold your breath And take a peek You’ve never seen A girl this sweet…” Long eyelashes Perfect lipsView full post »

girl power | Bloomington IL Newborn Photographer

I was under her spell the whole time.  Paisley is an absolute dream…View full post »

J-U-L-Y…a special.

It’s my birthday month!!!!!!  AS WELL AS the birthday month for 2 of my most favorite people on the planet—View full post »

Baby BUMP Bl!ss\\ Bloomington Maternity Photographer\\Bloomington Newborn Photographer

I love surprises!!!  Really, I do!  I wish I had the patience to make at least one of my babies a surprise.  Oh wellView full post »

Recipe for Content | Bloomington Child Photographer

INGREDIENTS: 1 cup of sunshine (yes, I shot these in FULL sun!) 2 cups of  love with a dash of cheeky 2 tablespoons ofView full post »