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    I'm Jolene Bresney, a lifestyle and portrait photographer located in Bloomington, Illinois. Let's see... a little bit about myself: I love books. It's the words I'm drawn to. I love how simple words, entwined, create something beautiful. Art and expression as one. It's probably why I love photography. I can say so much without uttering a single word. I am a perfectionist, never quite content. A blessing and a curse. Music. It entices my creativity...I can get lost in a song. I love the ocean... she is constant and steady. Yet, every time she hugs the shore, she brings the promise of a new beginning. The mountains... a reminder of how small and insignificant I really am. Nudging me to look up. Always, and for everything. I have 3 kids. Without them, none of this could ever have been. Through them I have found myself. No words can express my gratefulness and love for them. They have taught me about unconditional love, and grace. Through them I see the beauty in the everyday. I love summer. Her evening song, the carefree days of sunkissed play. Sunrise and sunsets, again so constant, yet breathtaking every time they grace the horizon. Enough about me... I want to meet you! If you like what you see, you should call me.

SBP Fall schedule

Just a heads up…

I am almost completely booked for the fall season.

SENIORS:  I am only taking sessions for September, and have very limited session slots left.

Family sessions — I have 4 session slots left for the month of Oct.  I will take a few November sessions– if the weather permits.

If you had a session with me– I am running about a week behind.  I’m sorry!


It’s the simple moments like these that keep me moving forward in life.  So much sadness and tragedy that we can all get bogged down by.  I believe if we focus on our blessings, we will be happier and more fulfilled.   There truly is so much beauty in life that is overlooked in a passing moment.  Childhood is so fleeting, it’s meant to be captured so we can look back and see our many blessings.  I had so much fun hanging out with this adorable family.  These girls are so precious… I  had a hard time leaving.


Emily // Senior Rep // Tri-Valley High School Senior 2015

SENIORS 2015!! It’s time to book your senior session!  Can you believe it?!  Goes by so fast….

Here’s a few tips when booking your session:  first and foremost, compare photographers to find your style!  Very very important.  Ask questions!  You are only a senior once— you deserve to have the best experience for your senior session!  Some want their hair and makeup done professionally, some prefer to look more natural— whatever your preference is, SBP can accommodate.  I have 6 years professional experience, top of the line equipment  (check out my new baby!), stylish products (albums, canvas print, storyboards, graduation announcements, to name a few!)… If you like what you see, book your session SOON!  My summer is filling up with California travel sessions and Chicago sessions.


Meet Emily– adorable, fun, easy going… we had a blast shooting her session!  :)


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