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    I'm Jolene Bresney, a lifestyle and portrait photographer located in Bloomington, Illinois. Let's see... a little bit about myself: I love books. It's the words I'm drawn to. I love how simple words, entwined, create something beautiful. Art and expression as one. It's probably why I love photography. I can say so much without uttering a single word. I am a perfectionist, never quite content. A blessing and a curse. Music. It entices my creativity...I can get lost in a song. I love the ocean... she is constant and steady. Yet, every time she hugs the shore, she brings the promise of a new beginning. The mountains... a reminder of how small and insignificant I really am. Nudging me to look up. Always, and for everything. I have 3 kids. Without them, none of this could ever have been. Through them I have found myself. No words can express my gratefulness and love for them. They have taught me about unconditional love, and grace. Through them I see the beauty in the everyday. I love summer. Her evening song, the carefree days of sunkissed play. Sunrise and sunsets, again so constant, yet breathtaking every time they grace the horizon. Enough about me... I want to meet you! If you like what you see, you should call me.


If you like Free People and hanging out in a forest, you and I will get along just fine!!  I had a blast even if I ruined my favorite boots… this session was so worth it!

 *** I am catching up on my senior sessions this week!  Check back soon:)

Katie & Co.

There isn’t much in this life more cherished than the relationship between a mother and her daughter… I’m so glad I spent the day with these 2.  And don’t even get me started on the red hair…. LOVE!


Forgive me… this post might be lengthy and bit wordy.  I fell in love with photography documenting my own kids’ childhood.  Their innocence and expressions… all the of milestones are just. so. beautiful.  Seriously, I find something lovely every single day.  I am thankful that I can document all these amazing moments.  Don’t get me wrong, life is still hard.  Raising 3 kids with incredibly different personalities can be ugly at times.  It’s hard, and I fail all the time.  As long as I am getting better every day– I don’t beat myself up too much. At least I try not to…

I don’t have many photos from my own childhood (long story there) so seeing my life with my kids in photographs just gets me.  I get sooooo emotional!  I pursue this art for myself– not for adoration, fame, money, or any of the other things that we can get caught up in as artists.  It’s a daily decision to keep my focus on the art.  I may never be published or travel worldwide as a celebrity photographer.  I may not have thousands of likes or followers on social media— and that’s okay!  We get wayyyyy caught in up all that– chasing fame, rather than being grateful and passionate about the art itself… we can start to assign our value and worth to our social media presence (or lack thereof).  The ultimate creativity killer!  The industry is loaded with talent– I’m just grateful to be part of it.  I remind myself daily why I do what I do.   Perhaps not having anything tangible from my own childhood has been my creative force.  Whatever the case may be, I’m glad to be able to document my life, as well as have opportunities to share this art with other families.

Photography to me is storytelling… that is where you see how beautiful your life is!  A photo is meant to capture emotion.  I want you to see the joy I see in a moment.  This family is so incredibly beautiful… I just love spending time with them!!




Avery // Normal Community High School

This session was absolutely amazing!  We shot until we had no more light… whatsoever.  The thing that makes this session so awesome (besides Avery’s style) is that she was so relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera.  All the makeup and hairspray (which, don’t get me wrong– I certainly love too!) will not make you feel comfortable.  In fact, if you feel too done-up and so unlike your authentic self, it will show in the images.  Avery has a style so similar to my own, so we just clicked.  I kinda like her mom too!:) It is sooooo super important that you have similar style as your photographer (cannot stress this enough!!!)— I prefer carefree, natural, moody photos if the location allows… which you can see, Avery does too.

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