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    Thanks for stopping by! I started my business in 2007 shortly after the birth of my daughter, it felt like time was slipping away like a thief in the night. There were so many moments I wanted to hold on to. For me, photography isn't about a staged moment with manufactured, on cue smiles. It's about freezing time to capture a feeling in a fleeting moment. I've found that behind my camera I could see life unfolding and it seemed magical. And I Ioved it. My camera is a conduit of my quest for beauty and connections that I want to preserve. Years from now I want to remember how I felt, provoking emotions and memories that have long past... and I think you will too. I pour my heart and soul into each session. Everyone has a unique story to tell, and I would be honored to tell yours. This is my art and passion, I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm inspired by films, music, and fashion. Amy Poehler is my alter ego. Life is weird, unpredictable, adventurous, sentimental, and so much fun! It's quite a ride... let's go somewhere.

    I encourage all potential clients to shop around. Compare photographer portfolios. There are a ton of photographers out there- one for every budget. See what you like... and what you don't. Photography isn't a brand, it's about finding someone that connects with you... a shared vision and style. Anyone can take a picture, especially with technology today. Not everyone can tell a story.

    Here I share personal projects, client work, amongst other things that inspire me. I try to blog at least once a week. So come back soon!

    Technical details: I am a film and digital photographer incorporating video in all of my sessions. I want you to truly have the finest experience and the greatest memories. Film creates a look that cannot be digitally replicated, digital is perfect for immediate gratification, and video tells a story of its own. I attend several workshops throughout the year all across the country with the industry's top photographers from around the world because I truly believe there is always more to learn, especially in this ever-changing industry... this keeps me inspired and humbled, while giving you the very best.

What is Lifestyle Photography

It recently dawned on me that regular folks, You?, outside of the photography community most likely do not know what this term actually means. It can be a bit confusing, since many photographers are calling themselves “lifestyle photographers,” but actually aren’t. I should know, because I was once that photographer. And that is okay, because it signals a need for an explanation to the general population.

Lifestyle photography is a style of photography that captures authentic moments, in short, not posed. Posed photography, also known as portrait photography, is entirely scripted– from poses, backdrop or background, perfectly cues smiles, all the way down to where each hair on your head lies. Now, there is some variation in this, but you catch my drift. Lifestyle is completely the opposite. Lifestyle is about capturing a moment that is lightly guided and unfolds organically. It’s a bit like visual improv. Now you may ask, why should I choose lifestyle? Well, first of all, it is a preference. Do you want to document your life, capturing genuine connection- with an embrace, a real laugh, or a moment of affection or interaction that is naturally occurring? Do you want to see what you look like when you are loving someone, or playing with your kids? Do you want to see what joy really looks like? Or are you looking for a photo for the mantel where everyone is looking at the camera with their perfectly cued smiles? Please know, there is no right answer, it is a matter of style. Lifestyle is about finding beauty in your everyday life- which is changing every single day. Babies grown into toddlers, who explore- and their exploration makes for beautiful images.  Children grow into teenagers, changing ever so quickly. Do you want to document a certain time in your life so you can look back on it- jogging a memory or a time period long forgotten? Lifestyle is storytelling. Naturally, I prefer printing my stories in books. Lifestyle images are meant to be kept together because the photographer has delicately and intentionally woven together moments for you that tell your unique story. No two sessions are alike- this takes the pressure off you from trying to put together your Pinterest boards, and off the photographer who is trying to recreate a session that you may have on said Pinterest board. Again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Pinterest-posed portrait sessions. I know many super talent portrait photographers. I just want you to know the difference. There is beauty in both. So there you have it. The choice is yours.



 Mady has turned her chalkboard into an inspiration board (all on her own!) — her gilded heart is made of such compassion and kindness. I’m hoping this is in no way a reflection of my lack of support and encouragement in my parenting?! I have begun to take my personal work more seriously- as in sharing it more, which is incredibly hard for me. The older I get the more private I seem to become. The 365 project/ 52 week (I’ve blended the two on here) have created a platform that allows me to experiment with light and composition in more creative ways. I needed this. I have been using my iPhone for some of my daily captures- this really forces you to be a better photographer when you can’t rely on a fancy camera and post processing to help you out. If  you are looking for more control over the in-phone camera, check out this app. Now if only I would get in frame more…

Also, if you are looking for a great documentary, check this out.

Looking for some inspiration? Here are here are great places to start. Street art might become my new thing!